Billing & Advance Booking

The Counter Billing Module take care of automating the process of booking various poojas or offerings in the temple by devotees.

The major features of this module includes the following:

Issue of receipts for various poojas:

As the same counters can issue receipts for current day or future days, there can be an option to set the default date for which the receipts are being issued with an option to change the date for every receipt being issued. This will provide the flexibility for the counters to issue current day bookings as well as future bookings in any shift according to the need and policy of the temple administration.

Advance Booking:

It provide various information related to the poojas/offerings booked in advance. The Temple Management be able to generate the various poojas/offerings booked for a particular day or period based on the user query and generate the material required for performing the poojas/offerings as per advance bookings.


Provision for Multiple System Calendar (Apart from English calendar, Calendar system based on panchangam covering Malayalam dates, Stars, Thithi for future years upto AD2075) and THIRUGANITHA PANCHANGOM covering Tamil dates, Stars, Thithi for future up to AD2075.

Display :

It will display the next available date for poojas and offerings based on the bookings already made.

Daily Counter Expenses Entry :

This module allows to enter daily petty expenses distributed through counters and generate a consolidated report of daily counter collection and expenses.

Collection of Cash :

System will calculate automatically the total cash collected by the counters against various poojas and offerings and provision to generate the total cash collected against every pooja for analysis, the cash collected will be able to interface to finance module for consolidation purposes.

Card swiping machines :

Provision for Integrate Card swiping machines (Debit Card/Credit Card/Cash Cards etc) installed by Banks.

Accounts Receivables :

This module will help in tracking the volume of issued ‘Advance Booking Receipts’ on credit basis (for the use of permanent members), provision for part collections and full collectionsof credit ‘Advanced Booking Receipts’. And generate an advance collection report and Advance Booking due list(not paid) reports.

Bill of Material for Poojas/Offerings :

In order to generate the material requirement for various poojas/offerings, System will capture the various items required for every pooja along with the specified quantities. Based on this information, system will generate the material requirement after considering the available stock in the temple storeroom.