Stores & Inventory

Temple management purchase various items for several activities and needs such as materials for poojas/offerings etc. Separate registers are to be maintained for inventory analysis and estimation is needed for various items and levels of stock. Purchase processing – both by tender & quotation and store/stock management are to be provided.

  • Maintain Item master list with Min/Max/Re-order Quantities
  • Maintain the master list of Suppliers/Sub Contractors
  • Maintain the Bill of Material for various items/prasadam
  • Generate stores request for items to be issued to temple kitchen for making the prasadam (Based on the standard consumption defined)
  • Provision for excess material request with an approval from higher officials
  • Material Indents for purchase
  • Issue of material against the stores requests
  • Online Stock ledger updating
  • Generation of Stock ledger, stock statement
  • Statement of material issues
  • Devotees are offering not only money but also materials, which can be used for converting to money after auction. Separate registers to be maintained for this and must be automatically updated into the main inventory or auction ledger.